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Write a sample performance improvement plan

Write a sample performance improvement plan

Write a sample performance improvement plan

1. Using all or some of the information below, please prepare a written communication to a work group announcing the upcoming performance review process and CBRE’s philosophy regarding Performance Evaluations:

a. Deadline February 15th

b. New rating scale this year: Did Not Achieve, Partially Achieved, Achieved, Exceeded

c. Performance Reviews completed using the online tool

d. Two online trainings on Performance management offered: January 15th & February 3rd at 2pm EST both days.

2. While CBRE does not have a “progressive discipline” policy or practice, we do wish to promote a culture in alignment with our Values of RISE (Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence).

a. What steps might an HR Manager advice to a line manager to address performance deficiencies and what arc the benefits/drawbacks to each step.

b. Please write a sample performance improvement plan/written warning assuming that the concerns are in the areas of Respect and Service. Feel free to improvise regarding the specific concerns.

3. A qualified candidate applies for building engineering opening. The manager is ready to hire him until he mentions that his religion precludes him from working on Sundays. The job requires him to be available for on-call duty on Sundays. Please describe in detail if the manager has an obligation to try to accommodate the applicant’s needs under those circumstances and clearly state why or why not?

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