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What did you particularly like about the given essay

What did you particularly like about the given essay

What did you particularly like about the given essay

General Directions:

– First, read your classmate’s essay through in their entirety before making any comments.
– Don’t be afraid to share your true opinion of the piece with the writer, but remember to be courteous-provide constructive criticism.
– Remember, in order for each of you to receive helpful feedback, you much each give helpful feedback, so please take your time and give your classmate thoughtful, sincere responses.

Questions to Answer:

Issues Particular to this Assignment:

1. Do you agree with the writer’s assessment/analysis of the story? Why or why not?

2. What specific element(s) of fiction does the essay address? (i.e. characterization, setting, perspective, theme, etc.)

3. Identify areas in the story that the essay does not mention that you feel are important. What have they missed or neglected to mention?

4. Identify areas in the essay where the writer has quoted or otherwise referred to specific lines or wording in the story. Have they used the quote sandwich method each time in order to introduce the information and give commentary on it? If not, then mark on the paper areas that need more work.

Issues in any Academic Writing:

5. What is the essay’s thesis statement (main point)?

6. Does the essay have a separate introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion?

7. How does the essay’s introduction draw you in and make you want to read the rest of the essay? If it doesn’t, suggest some ways the writer might make it more engaging.

8. Note the main idea of each paragraph-rephrase each main idea in your own words.

9. Indicate any areas where the writer seems to drift off topic. (Each sentence within a paragraph should further the main idea of that particular paragraph-and all main ideas should support the dominant impression of the essay as a whole.)

10. What did you particularly like about this essay? What do you feel are its strengths?

11. Identify one area you would be sure to work on before handing in this essay if it were yours.

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