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To kill a mockingbird essay

To kill a mockingbird essay

To kill a mockingbird essay

Background: There may be more of a connection between Greece and Maycomb than we would initially suspect. Harper Lee names her hero “Atticus,” a name which comes from the Greek, Attikos, “of Attica,” the region around Athens. With a name derived from the Greeks we might expect Atticus to resemble other famous Greek heroes: Menelaus, Ajax, Odysseus, Achilles, Hercules. Atticus, however, does not earn his heroic appeal through fighting sea monsters, sleeping with goddesses, or gouging eyes. But his renown is nonetheless derived from the values of ancient culture-Atticus is an orator. Perhaps is it no coincidence that a man named Atticus helped Rome’s most famous orator, Cicero, arrange his personal library.

Task: Ancient rhetoricians believed that true persuasion required ethical, logical, and emotional appeals. Good speakers, they said, connect with their audiences personally, intellectually, and emotionally. Read over Atticus’s closing statement from Chapter 20, and analyze and evaluate his use of ethos, pathos, and logos in persuading the jury to acquit Tom Robinson.

Your essay will follow the following format:


Start with an enticing lead; you may want to discuss persuasion in general.
Mention title and author.
Create a thesis on HOW and TO WHAT EFFECT Atticus uses ethos, pathos, and logos.
Body Paragraph 1: Ethos

Start with a claim discussing how Atticus does or does not use ethos within his closing statements and to what specific ethos effect.
Provide at least 2 well-integrated quotes.
Each quote should be cited properly and followed with a complete warrant.
Add a concluding sentence.
Body Paragraph 2: Pathos

Follow instructions above discussing how Atticus does or does not use pathos and to what specific pathos effect.

Body Paragraph 3: Logos

Follow instructions above discussing Atticus does or does not use logos and to what specific logos effect.


Bring it together. Review argument.

Analyze the overall thought behind his speech.


MLA page and heading format

An original, creative title

Cite quotes (Lee 170) or (280).

Lead into quotes

Clear transitions

about 700 words please.

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