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Summarizes the main points

Summarizes the main points

Summarizes the main points

write an essay which summarizes and analyzes an acedemic publishing’s content and the author’s perspective. (ARTICLE MUST BE SCHOLARLY PAPER)The essay summarizes the main points (what the article says) and then analyzes the author’s effectiveness (strengths and weaknesses) in presenting the argument (how the author conveys the message). Students are assessed on their ability write cohesive paragraphs, a thesis statement that is fully supported throughout the essay, an introduction, and a conclusion free of punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. Students write in their own words, objectively without bias, and support their statements with reliable evidence.

The essay consists of four- to five-pages, including a title page and a references page consisting of at least three credible and/or relevant sources. At least three in-text citations from different sources are required.

The essay must be formatted in APA, including a title page, a references page, page headers, document headers, one-inch page margins, and be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12-point font.

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