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Summarize the video – sappho hymn to aphrodite

Summarize the video – sappho hymn to aphrodite

Summarize the video – sappho hymn to aphrodite

Working with Translations

As we have seen in class, translators often select different works, images and comparisons when they work on a source text. As a result, translations differ considerably from one another, often revealing biases and cultural norms of the person who is translating.

For this assignment, you will be working on an ancient Greek poet named Sappho and her verse addressed to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. To understand the poems, you will need some background information. I have downloaded two videos on the poet Sappho for you to watch, but you will also need to find one or two more before you can complete the exercise (See Contents in BB; scroll down to the end). One additional YouTube video that I recommend is Queen ofLesbos: the Poetess Sappho which is part of the History of Sex series. However, you may prefer watching other dramatizations or recitations).

Do the following:

Watch at least four short videos on the poet or her verse.
Summarize the two additional videos that you found. Give the complete name and include a short paragraph of summary.
Read the poems on pages 100-101 (There are actually two poems and one prose translation).
Make a list of at least ten differences that you find between “Beautiful-throned, immortal Aphrodite” and “Prayer to my lady of Paphos.”
In both poems, a lover named Sappho is asking the Goddess for help since the lover is distraught over the fact that their beloved has caused them pain and suffering. They are asking the Goddess for some relief because they feel abandoned. Aphrodite asks them what has happened. However, in one poem the beloved is identified by “he/him” while in the more recent translation, the beloved is “she/her.” Given what you now know about the poet, discuss why the pronouns differ.
Finally, in a short essay, discuss if the poem’s meaning is radically different if the pronouns are different.
Sappho Hymn to Aphrodite –

Sappho Biography –

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