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Software is a product and can be manufactured – Software Engineering

Software is a product and can be manufactured – Software Engineering

Software is a product and can be manufactured – Software Engineering

1. Software is a product and can be manufactured using the same technologies used for other engineering artifacts

a) True

b) False

2. Software deteriorates rather than wears out because

a) Software suffers from exposure to hostile environments

b) Defects are more likely to arise after software has been used often

c) Multiple change requests introduce errors in component interactions

d) Software spare parts become harder to order

3. WebApps are a mixture of print publishing and software development, making their development outside the realm of software engineering practice.

a) True

b) False

4. A software product line is a set of software-intensive systems that share a common, managed _____________________:

a) Set of problems

b) Set of products

c) Set of features

d) Set of lines

5. Which of these are the 5 generic software engineering framework activities?

a) communication, planning, modeling, construction, deployment

b) communication, risk management, measurement, production, reviewing

c) analysis, designing, programming, debugging, maintenance

d) analysis, planning, designing, programming, testing

6. If software has value, it will change over its useful life. For that reason, software must be built to be maintainable.

a) Maintainable

b) Disposable

c) Broken

d) Tested

7. Software process ____________ is essential for project success.

a) Communication

b) Planning

c) adaptation

d) modeling

8. Both quality and ________________ are an outgrowth of good design.

a) Maintainability

b) Communication

c) Review

d) criticism

1. Explain what is wrong with the notion that computer software does not need to evolve over time.

2. Describe how Polya’s problem solving principles describe the essence of engineering practice?

3. Mention some of the problems the software engineer may face when eliciting requirements from different customers.

4. Is it right to say that “To be a master negotiator, I have to convince the customers to agree to all of my demands”? Explain your answer.

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