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Research Project on “Crime, Shame and Reintegration” | Law – Criminal

Research Project on “Crime, Shame and Reintegration” | Law – Criminal

Research Project on “Crime, Shame and Reintegration” | Law – Criminal

One major book about criminal Justice Issues from the list below to be analyzed and submmitted as your final Research Project

Pick One Book only!

· Elijah Anderson, “Code of the Streets” (2000)

· John Braithwaite, “Crime, Shame and Reintegration” (1999)

· Nils Christie, “A Suitable Amount of Crime” (2004) or “Limits to Pain: The Role of Punishment in Penal Policy” (2007)

· David Garland, “ Culture of Control” (2002)

· Bernard Harcourt, “ The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order” (2011) or “Against Prediction: Punishing and Policing in an Actual Age” (2007)

· Herman Goldstein, “Problem Oriented Policing” (1990)

· Randall Kennedy, “Race, crime and the law” (1998)

· Rios, V. “Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys” (2011)

· Marc Mauer, “Race to Incarcerate” (2006)

· Raymond J. Michalowski, “Order, Law and Crime: An Introduction to Criminology” (1985)

· Jonathan Simon, “Governing through Crime,” (2007)

· David A. Weisburd and Anthony A. Braga, “Police Innovation: Contrasting Perspectives” (2006)

· Franklin Zimring, “The Great American Crime Decline” (2008)

1. Summary of main issues addressed in the book

2. Identifying one issue of interest to you and addressing how it was dealt with by the author

3. Addressing the relevance and importance of the problems in the book to the larger society and if it was done in an effective way for readers to be able to understand and maybe change things in the future

Additional instructions you can find on your syllabus – PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE what others have written about the book of your choice, as I am interested in your critique and not that of somebody else.

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