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Research Assignment: Space Exploration Missions

Research Assignment: Space Exploration Missions

Research Assignment: Space Exploration Missions

This assignment requires some research on various space exploration missions to compile a scrapbook of text and images. A good place to start your research is NASA’S online listing of past and present space missions.

  1. Research these missions and/or projects.
    • Ranger
    • Mariner Missions
    • Galileo
    • Viking I and Viking II
    • Cassini
    • Mars Pathfinder
    • Mars Exploration Rover-Spirit
    • Voyager I and Voyager II
    • New Horizons
  2. Compile a scrapbook of images and text. You can create a Word document or a slideshow presentation for your scrapbook. Include the following in your scrapbook:
    • have a single page or slide for each mission listed
    • describe the goals of the mission and what part of the solar system it explored or is now exploring
    • describe the achievements of the mission and show any pictures that resulted from the mission—pictures can be downloaded from websites

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