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Overall educational standard in america is high

Overall educational standard in america is high

Overall educational standard in america is high

I came to America 1 year ago because of my goals. Actually, I think that America educational is better than Korean educational because the overall educational standard in America is high. So, I was determined that abroad to study in America. I know that study is very hard in America because language is different and culture is different but I have to overcome this situation. If I can’t overcome this situation, maybe, I will be failed in the future. I still challenge everything. I think that America educational is very hard and a lot of different to Korea but I like it because I can learn a lot of things from America educational. It will be clearly help when I get my goal. Actually, my major is engineering and I want to become engineering researcher. However, if I become researcher, it is complicated and there is a lot of work that I all have to do. I think that it just my challenges. Everybody wants to lead a meaningful life. I want to fill up my life with meaningful tasks. Actually, the most important life goal is that I want to keep my health. The health is the most important than other things because if we lose the health, we can’t do anything. A few days ago, my friend’s father was passed away because of cancer. Actually, my friend’s father was very successful in society but he passed way. I realized that health is more important than other things. I really want to keep my health because if I have bad health, I can’t do anything. Health is the first requisite to success in life. I think that I have to thinking about meaning of life again. It is important to try and make something of my life. .

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