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Matrices are used in mathematics- Software Engineering

Matrices are used in mathematics- Software Engineering

Matrices are used in mathematics- Software Engineering

Please write all answers in c++ code using Xcode and make sure the program runs successfully… and have fun solving

Part B)Matrices are used in mathematics, often to represent vectors or systems of equations. A matrix is a set of numbers arranged in a particular pattern. For example, the following is a 3×3 matrix
1 5 3
6 3 2
8 6 0
In this problem you will work exclusively with 3×3 matrices.
1.Create a structure that represents a 3×3 matrix.
Use 3 arrays; one to represent each row in
the matrix.

2.Write pseudocode and then into C++ code for the function void printMatrix(Matrix m) that prints out all of m’s information in a nice format. Include pseudocode (and C++ code) for a main function which calls these. Initialize your matrix using {} notation.

3.Write pseudocode & then into C ++ code for a function Matrix add(Matrix m1, Matrix m2) which returns a new matrix which is the sum of m1 and m2. Adding matrices works as you might expect, where the sum at each location is the sum of the individual values in those locations; e.g.
1 2 3 9 8 7 10 10 10
4 5 6 + 6 5 4 = 10 10 10
7 8 9 3 2 1 10 10 10

4.Write in C++ code for a function Matrix sum(Matrix mats[], int size) that adds up all the atrices in mats and returns the result.

Part C)

Attached below is a program using a Student struct.

The main difference is that I’ve added a Transcript variable, where Transcript is a struct defined above Student. You will modify printStudent,
initializeStudent, and mergeStudent to incorporate this new member variable.
In initializeStudent, you should add code to read in the students’ courses and grades. From the grades entered, you should compute the student’s gpa.
In printStudent, you should add code to print out the students’ courses and grades, and their gpa.
In mergeStudent, you should add code that will include all courses from both students (but with no duplicates) and compute the new gpa, and store these values into the returned Student.
The idea of the mergeStudent function is that there may be two duplicate variables representing the same student, and
you want to come up with a new variable based on those.

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