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Highly desirable to business organizations

Highly desirable to business organizations

Highly desirable to business organizations

Self-management skills/traits are the things that make you unique. People often fail to identify these attributes as skills, or to give themselves credit for using them, yet they impact professional identity, the work that is done and the way that it is done. Self-management skills/traits are often considered as professional, leadership, and personal traits; and some are highly desirable to business organizations. To help you sharpen your focus on who you are, and to identify your current strengths, work through this checklist of personal skills/trait characteristics.

First, read each word and under the left-side Mastered column, check (X) all of the skills/traits that other people (family, friends, co-workers) would say describe you as you are now (NOTE: if others have recognized the associated behaviors being demonstrated by you then it suggests this is a strong natural trait or one that you have already mastered).

Second, to prepare yourself for your next move forward on your profession/future career path, look at the list a second time, and specifically at the skills/traits you did not check, and under the right side Need column check (X) the 5 or 6 self-management skills/traits you feel you currently don’t have but see as being an important benefit in the future.

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