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Gap analysis

Gap analysis


You must have a minimum 8 references, total word limit for this assessment is approximately 3500, Using APA referencing edition 6th



Our sustainability agenda aligns with our companywide purpose to supercharge new Zealnd’s sussess- Socially, Environmentally and economically- and looking back over the past year, one of things I’m most proud of is the way that Air New Zealanders at all levels of our organization continue to embrace our agenda: (Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand (2017) Air New Zealand :Sustainability report 2017. Retrieved December 21, 2017 from Air New Zealand website:


To guide you in answer the case study question, you must read Air New Zealand Sustainability-report 2017 report found in


You may also refer to the 2015 and 2016 sustainability reports as well as other relevant resources






Apply operations, risk and quality management technique to strategically planned entity operations by developing a quality improvement and risk management plans. (LO2)


1.     Use your answer in Assessment 1 task 1 or Air New Zealand sustainability Report 2017 as reference, choose 2 of the quality management policies and procedures of Air New Zealand and do a gap analysis.


Approx, 700 words


30 marks






The gap model


–       Costumer gap


–       Knowledge Gap


–       Policy gap


–       Delivery gap


–       Communication Gap


Checking overview, company’s promise,  which gap suggestions


Ex) air point for costumer – people don’t know how to consume air points – communication gap


2.     From your answer above, choose 1 quality management policy and develop a quality improvement plan using lean six sigma.


a.     Formulate a quality management objective (10marks)


b.     Examine the processes and create a process map that will address the gap.(20marks)


c.     Identify and analyse quality measures used in each step of the process (30 Marks)


d.     Recommend 2 strategies to achieve quality management objective (30 Marks)


Approx. 2000 Words






2.a- SMART objective


Measurable w/Measurement


2.b – Lean – Process map (flow chart)


2.c – Service quality dimention


– Assurance










 2.d – 6 sigma (DAMIC model) –damming



3.     Using the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis you have developed in Assessment 1 Task 3, Develop a Risk management Plan :


a.     Risk treatment


b.     Risk Monitoring


c.     Risk Communication to stakeholders


Approx. 800 Words


40 marks




Hint  example


FMEA Risk 1. Security Risk


Risk treatment : Share


              : Why


Risk monitor : 3rd party


            : why


Risk communication : Newspaper


                   : why





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