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Final Project – Paper

Final Project – Paper

The purpose of a paper is to demonstrate what you have learned about principles (theories, concepts) of negotiations.   In the paper you will utilize the chapter readings/PowerPoint, scripts and at least two other resources to give your perspective from what you learned over the seven weeks. 


You will prepare a 2 page reflection paper in APA 6th ed. format.  Remember to include the cover page and reference page.  Cite all work at the place where used in the paper. Use only Times New Roman, 12 fonts.  Double-space all content. Please complete work in Microsoft word document (doc or docx). (Page two must have a minimum 3/4 page content.)

(GUIDANCE) Identify and explain relevant conceptual material (theories, concepts) from our course.

The point is to demonstrate your “ownership” of the concept/idea/theory that you identify. The first half of ownership is being able to describe and explain the concept/idea/theory. In the best of all reflection papers, the element of the paper should be able to stand alone as an explanation of some concept/idea/theory from our course. Don’t assume that I know it! The point is not whether I know it – the point is whether you know it.

Identify and explain relevant conceptual material (theories, concepts) from our course. Reflective covers at a minimum the topics shown in the assignment requirement for this week.

No less than 1500 words

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