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Explanation of the potential business in emerging markets

Explanation of the potential business in emerging markets

Assessment – Group Presentation

Topic is Levendary Cafe

This business case presentation is to be completed as a group effort, and will be assessed accordingly (options for this assessment will be discussed with external/online students). You will be divided into your group during session 1 or 2 and provided with guidelines for your project/presentation. In smaller teaching groups this presentation will be individual work.

Starting from mid-way through LB5220, your business case will be presented to the class at a specified time as allocated by the lecturer. You will share your ideas, and the case study with the class in a 20 minute presentation, and you will be assessed on the merits of your work.

The case study hand-in submission will contain your power point slides, and a two page (front and back of one page) summary hand out. You may want to focus your presentation, and addresses the following issues:

  • A basic explanation of the potential business in emerging markets.
  • How the new business would provide benefit over existing solutions and the extent of that benefit.
  • The potential size and structure of the market for the new business. Forecast sales figures for five years
  • Threats to the newly established business and how you will solve them
  • An estimate of the margins that the proposed business may be able to achieve.
  • Commercialization and market implementation strategies
  • Managerial and technical expertise required for your business success

After this presentation, students and the lecturer will question, analyse, evaluate and offer additional suggestions to enhance the success of the case study. You may then fix any such strategic flaws, before submitting your final report.

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