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Explain what the effect of the bad behavior

Explain what the effect of the bad behavior

Explain what the effect of the bad behavior

Bad Boss Assignment

1. Write up a few paragraphs that describe an experience that you have had with a “Bad Boss”. Give an example of something they did that was not a good management practice in your view.
a. Explain what the effect of the bad behavior/bad policy/cluelessness had on the staff.
b. What should they have done instead?

2. Write a paragraph or two describing something that a “Good Boss” did that made your work experience enjoyable and/or rewarding. Describe something they did that you viewed as being a positive management practice.
a. What effect did this have on the staff?
b. How did it effect operations?

You should complete the assignment in Word and Email it back to me. Please use the “spell-check” function on the word processor. Please write in complete sentences and use rules of grammar that might be recognized by someone who does not watch MTV while texting and playing Warcraft at the same time after drinking three bottles of 5 Hour Energy.

Answer all questions. Make sure that you answer the “Bad Boss” questions as well as the “Good Boss” questions.

The assignment should be received by Monday April 20th at 12:34:17 PM.

You should submit it through Blackboard. Please title the assignment in the following format;

Last name First name Bad Boss Assignment

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