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Explain how you prepared for exam on information literacy

Explain how you prepared for exam on information literacy

Explain how you prepared for exam on information literacy

Prepare: As you prepare to write your second discussion response for this week, be sure to complete the following:

Review our readings and discussions about library research methods.

Review your own methods for researching and finding library resources.

Take the SAILS exam. Your results are anonymous. This is a nationally-normalized, standardized exam to measure information literacy skills for students in universities all over the United States, and the results will guide the university in developing the best possible library resources and research methodologies training. Information literacy can loosely be defined as the ability to find, evaluate, and use sources of information.

Thus, the exam measures your research abilities.

Review the grading rubric for this discussion.

Reflect: Before drafting your initial post, take time to reflect on your exam experience. Which questions were most challenging? How will you improve in these areas? How will you apply your new skills and knowledge to activities in the future?

Write : In 150 to 200 words, share your SAILS Exam experience by discussing each of the following:

Explain how you prepared for this exam on information literacy (in other words, research skills).

Based on your experience taking the exam, identify an area you feel you did well in (for example, organizing information) and an area you feel you need to work on (evaluating a website for authority). Be sure to explain your choices.

Discuss how you plan to apply your new skills and knowledge to future activities. How will you address any areas of weakness you discovered when taking the exam?

Please take SAILS exam

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