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discussion essay |Nursing

discussion essay |Nursing

discussion essay |Nursing

This is a discussion post. It needs to be at least 150 words with at least ONE reference cited throughout the post, and when referencing it at the end, it needs to be in APA format. The medication you need to research and write on is called Banzel.

Nurses must have specific knowledge when administering medications to patients. Each category of medication has its own unique indications, interactions, and contraindications. All of these need to be monitored both before and after administrating a medication.

For this discussion:

•The high risk medication I administer in my current practice is called Banzel, and it is for seizures. You need to use this medication as the example, and research it.

-Assume you are starting a patient on this medication for the first time.

◦If you were initiating treatment with this drug on a patient, what will the patient need to know from a safety perspective?

•List the drug, its indication, and three safety tips you would want to cover during education for the initial dose.

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