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Discuss the status of the author in modern theory

Discuss the status of the author in modern theory

Discuss the status of the author in modern theory

Choose two of the following questions. Write an essay of approximately four concise pages on each. (As an alternative, you may write eight pages on one question.) i will give you considerable latitude in how you handle the questions. You may use outside sources, you may consult one another, you may (and should) offer opinions and take issue with the theorists you discuss. However, you must identify your sources and you must write your own essays. Your essays are due on or before October 18th.

1. Discuss the status of the author in modern theory, especially in relation to language and to the reader/interpreter.

2. Discuss the nature of the text in modern theory. Barthes; distinction between text and work might be a place to begin.

3. What of e. the dominant models of history and historical change in modern theory? Possible approaches to this topic could include discussing class struggle as the engine driving historical change or whether history actualh, has a design kas claimed by Hegel and Marx). Generically speaking, is it even history it it doesn’t have a design?

4. How is Freud interpreted and extended by modern theorists? Or, if you prefer’. Which of Freud’s theories remain most influential/c.ontroversial and why?

5. Does a theory of female authorship need to be different from a theory of male authorship? If so, how? if not, why not?

6. What is so special about the domain of the Aesthetic for Kant? How does he go about defending aesthetic judgment from charges of arbitrariness? What are the implications for modern theory?

7. Some of the theorists we have read argue (or assume) that Literature is a distinctive form of language with special powers. Others aggressively criticize this position. Discuss some of the arguments for and against.

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