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Discuss the conditions for evaluating arguments

Discuss the conditions for evaluating arguments

Discuss the conditions for evaluating arguments

Instructions: Read the text, Think Critically, and answer the following questions in your own words, using complete sentences. You should use course notes and eBook as references. Your answers should demonstrate understanding of the relevant critical thinking concepts. Develop your own examples to support your answers.

1. Discuss the three options critical thinkers may use to evaluate the credibility of claims and sources.

2. Describe at least two examples of propaganda that you could recognize and explain how you could recognize them.

3. Discuss the four conditions for evaluating arguments. Next, give an example of an argument someone recently offered to you that fails one or more of the four tests for evaluating arguments. State the argument and explain which test or tests it failed and why.

4. What is a fallacy? Next, discuss fallacies of relevance. Include in your discussion the specific fallacies of relevance presented in your text.

5. Give an example of when you locked in on a choice prematurely, then regretted it later. What specific critical thinking strategies could you have used to improve your decision making?

6. Discuss the uses, benefits, and risks of comparative reasoning, ideological reasoning, and empirical reasoning.

Exam Considerations:

1. Exam due is at start of class on the due date assigned. Exam will be considered late if not submitted at that time. Plan to print before the start of class.

2. Exam answers must be typed using 12 point Times New Roman font. Exam page will be your title page.

3. Number exam answers accordingly. If you skip a question, please leave the corresponding number blank.

4. This exam must be completed in an independent manner. No team or group exams will be accepted.

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