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Discuss impact of media ethical issues on one current news

Discuss impact of media ethical issues on one current news

Discuss impact of media ethical issues on one current news

This assignment involves an in-depth analysis of the impact of one or more media ethical issue on current news story of your choice. Selected topics should focus on a pertinent, political, economic, social, cultural, health environmental issues or events. Students are encouraged to decide on a specific context, i.e. local, regional or international. Examples of topics could include but are not limited to: Local elections; Canada’s policy towards on the oil infrastructure e.g. Keystone Pipeline XL; Canadian perceptions on ISIS, Impacts of financial crisis on education/other sectors; popular personality; Media reporting and Ebola etc). Successful completion of the assignment will be based on extensive research from news stories, commentaries, editorials and other sources of information from the media.

Your essay should focus very specifically on one element of the story and how coverage was affected by ethical issues. For example: Was the coverage fair and unbiased? Was an important issue ignored or downplayed by the media? How important was this ethical issue to the public and their decision making? What unknown factors were missed by the media? What good story or stories could come out of what went missing?

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