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Discuss how we use the control panel

Discuss how we use the control panel

Discuss how we use the control panel

Some commentators have suggested that companies today have not adequately configured computers and network resources causing network communications interoperability issues, increasing maintenance costs, and security issues with both network computers/nodes and network appliances. Discuss how you would eclipse this problem through the proper configuration of computer resources at a small company in need of configuring computer and network resources. Discuss the following specifically:

Discuss how we use the Control Panel to configure specific computer settings and user accounts.
What are at least three configuration planning considerations that must take place to ensure proper deployment of Antivirus, Firewall, and IDS/IPS devices on a small network?
Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a hub, switch or wireless access point to conduct business data communications.
What are some of the facts regarding configurations that you found interesting from the research of other students?

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