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Discuss about the average daily sales

Discuss about the average daily sales

Discuss about the average daily sales

Please show all work for this assignment and explain your derivations. Lack of step by step work will not be credited. Partial credit will be given for step by step description of answer(s). Calculation: In the month of January, Reliance® Auto sold 60 vehicles and had account receivable of $160,000.00. If a vehicle costs $40,000, account payable is $240,000 and the cost of sales is 72%, and the current value of total inventory is $500,000.00, Calculate;

The average daily sales

The average days of accounts receivable

The average daily cost of sales

The average days of inventory

Cash to cash cycle time

Please upload a Word document using APA format for this assignment,so it needs a title page and reference page. Where applicable, you must show your derivations, analysis and how you obtained the responses/answers. Use in-text citations, references, appropriate font size, double spaces, etc

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