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Discuss about the atypical development

Discuss about the atypical development

Discuss about the atypical development

Literature Review

The purpose of this assignment is to learn about atypical development, through studying research related to a selected issue as well as research outlining how school programs can promote positive development with atypical development. After completing this assignment, students should be able to describe the following:

Research related to a specific area of atypical development

Effective school programs for promoting positive development in atypical children

The school counselor’s and child development specialist’s role in dealing with students, parents, and the school community with regard to this area of atypical development

Successful completion of the assignment will require:

The inclusion of all of the above

A complete reference list (minimum of 5 research articles from peer-reviewed journals)

A 5-7 page report written in APA style a

(Add experience attached to the assignment (fake)

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