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Difference between bourgeois and proletarians

Difference between bourgeois and proletarians

1. Define the following terms:
a) Class cultures
b) Disabled stereotypes
c) Un-Australian
d) Australian egalitarianism
e) Fluid disability

2. Now that you have studied everyday life and understand some of the approaches taken by different disciplines in the social sciences, think about some everyday activities and consider how they reflect wider social relations?Discuss and give examples.

3. What does it mean to say”Australia is a classless society”? Give examples.

4. Explain the difference between bourgeois and proletarians and why it may be a key factor in marking boundaries of wealth.Is it still relevant today? Why?

5. Outline Philomena Essed’s theory of everyday racism. Provide some examples (not taken from the readings and lecture) of how racism, of the sort Essed writes about, operates in everyday life.

6. Briefly summarise the central argument proposed by John Germov in the textThe New Work Ethic.

7. In what way, according to Trinca and Fox in Better than Sex – How a Whole Generation Got Hooked on Work, has white-collar professional work changed in recent history?

8. Why do we say that there is an empathy gapthat marks boundaries and is structured into contemporary culture? How does it function?

9. What are the consequences of the fact that the Australian nation is usually represented as able-bodied and Caucasian?

10. What is the difference between health problems that you can see and those that you cannot see? Give examples of both.

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