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Describe the process to determine the needs of organization

Describe the process to determine the needs of organization

Describe the process to determine the needs of organization

You now have a better understanding of how the HR profession is changing and how in turn, new policies of HR management will be designed, developed and implemented. Your organization’s management recognizes that the accelerated influx of new employees with a wide variety of skills, backgrounds, expectations, jobs, etc., combined with the new plans of the organization to meet their business challenges, is running up against the current culture, processes, demographics, employee expectations and skills.

These changes require a workforce that is unified in its coordination and its direction, and up-to-date on its skills and competencies. The rapid workforce changes will also create interpersonal disconnects that will require ethical, as well as business solutions.

The VP of HR has assigned you, the training and development manager, with designing a training program to address the widening gaps. Current employees never received training, and the new hires need training for integrating into the organization, as well as other types of training.

As you have learned in your text there are multiple types, objectives and methods of training. In a two-page written paper (APA Format) summarize the program you developed to accomplish your directive. Include the methods you used to establish your objectives and create a training program, using key terms from Chapter 7 of your textbook.

Describe the process you took to determine the needs of the organization, including considerations of how you will address the increasingly complex ethical decisions employees are facing.

How does your program accomplish the goal of addressing those needs, and how will you evaluate its effectiveness? Provide a copy of the Agenda for the Training program and Power point presentation for the Training.

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