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Describe the motivation for development

Describe the motivation for development

Describe the motivation for development

Various electronic resources can be effectively used to monitor and promote personal health, population health, and health services. The Internet has promoted various interactive computer applications used in protecting public health.

Electronic identification, insurance information applications, etc., have paved the way for better health data management. New developments such as social networking may also have applications to protect public health.

Provide a definition of e-health by focusing on advances and trends that have been made in this area since the year 2000. Provide descriptive examples of the application and beneficiaries of e-health.

Describe the motivation for development and funding for each aspect of e-health. Explain how advancing e-health technology is of value to protecting and promoting the public health or improving health access, quality, safety, and other aspects of public health system performance.

Write a 3-5-page paper in Word format. Include appendices as a separate section in the paper. In this section, mention conceptual models that help clarify any relationships or processes that you mention as part of your responses.

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