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Describe the conclusion of the essay ban the things

Describe the conclusion of the essay ban the things

Describe the conclusion of the essay ban the things


Assignments will be a continuation of a writing process. You will construct your essay by answering the following prompt, which will be given at the beginning of each homework assignment. This is a step-by-step process. As long as you read the textbook and all the lecture notes and complete the activities, you will not encounter much difficulty.

Prompt: Today there is an increasing amount of students enrolling in online schools and online courses than ever before. Write a cause-and-effect essay explaining the effects that online education has on students.

1. Continuing from Modules 5, 6, and 7 Homework Assignments, take out your outline, introductory paragraph, and three body paragraphs and reread them.

2. Using your outline, introduction, and three body paragraphs, write the conclusion of your cause-and-effect essay by using the model below:

III. Conclusion

A. Restate thesis statement

B. Restate the main ideas or supportive details

C. Conclude with lasting impressions

3. You will turn in the concluding paragraph (in paragraph form, not outline form) along with the introduction and body paragraphs. Make sure that it is a complete essay on one document (one attachment).

NOTE: Please submit your entire essay.

You have now written the conclusion of your cause-and-effect essay. Congratulations! You have successfully written a cause-and-effect essay. You are now ready to write the final exam essay.


Directions: Please read “Ban the Things. Ban Them All” by Molly Ivins on page 376 of your textbook. When you have finished reading the article, answer the following questions with at least 250 words per question.

1. Which of the following statements best represents the implied thesis of the essay? Explain.

a. The author is pro-knife.

b. The Second Amendment is poorly understood.

c. Despite arguments to the contrary, people without long training and discipline should not be allowed to have guns.

d. In his novel Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton argues that power without discipline is wrecking society.

2. Which statement would best serve as a topic sentence for paragraphs 5 and 6? Explain.

a. Drug dealers should not be allowed to purchase assault rifles.

b. Ivins is interested in other people’s points of view concerning gun ownership.

c. Thomas Jefferson was opposed to the idea of a “well-regulated militia.”

d. Applying the original intent of the Second Amendment to modern circumstances is not clear-cut and must be done with common sense.

3. In what ways, according to Ivins, is the knife preferable to the gun? Is Ivins really “pro-knife,” or is she making some other point in her discussion of knives versus guns?

4. Ivin’s introduction consists of three very brief paragraphs. Which statement best describes the style of her introduction? Explain.

5. Which of these best describes the conclusion of “Ban the Things”? Why?

a. It makes a blunt recommendation.

b. It asks a thought-provoking question.

c. It narrates an anecdote about guns.

d. It predicts what will happen if guns are not banned.

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