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Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of stories

Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of stories

Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of stories

For this project you will make a short presentation using mutlimedia presentation software to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of one of the following stories of mythological couples:

• Pygmalion and Galatea
• Deucalion and Pyrrha
• Jupiter and Callisto
• Venus and Adonis
• Eos (Aurora) and Tithonus
• Jupiter and Europa
• Cupid and Psyche
• Deucalion and Pyrrha
• Epimetheus and Pandora
• Hero and Leander
• Jupiter and Leda
• Cadmus and Harmonia
• Hippodamia and Pelops
• Amph(i)tryon and Alcmene
• Peleus and Thetis
• Admetus and Alcestis
• Hippomenes and Atalanta

Your presentation must include:

1. A nicely decorated title slide.

2. An English paraphrase of the story with illustrations (you must have a minimum of two illustrations). This should be a minimum of two slides.

3. A love letter written in Latin from one of the two lovers that conveys their feelings about the relationship. This letter should be in the correct format for a Latin letter and should be at least five sentences. Be sure to use the correct forms/endings for the Latin words. Include an English version of your letter. As usual, the use of translators is not permitted.

4. Correct documentation of where you found the myth, any analysis of the myth you read, and any artwork used.

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