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Define and discuss the wph framework for business ethics

Define and discuss the wph framework for business ethics

Define and discuss the wph framework for business ethics

Sally is the president of AAA Components, a company that makes small parts for the automotive industry. Customers of AAA components are primarily auto manufacturers. Sally’s cousin Frank works at the company as a sales representative. A promotion to the sales manager position is open. Frank has applied and so has Susan, another sales representative. While both Frank and Susan are good employees, they are skilled in different areas. Susan is excellent with technology, with placing orders, and she does an excellent job in following through with order deficiencies. Frank, on the other hand, is better with customer relations, and customers seem to like him better. Sally would like to promote Frank but she has two concerns. Her first concern is that she does not want it to be perceived that she is being unfair because Frank is family. Her second concern is that she has a suspicion that some customers are somewhat prejudiced against Susan because she is female. Most customers with whom the sales representatives deal are male, and Sally suspects that they may give Frank more consideration than Sally. Define and discuss the WPH framework for business ethics, and within that framework propose a solution. Be sure to fully address the populations, purposes, and guidelines included within “W,” “P,” and “H.”

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