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Create a comprehensive report on your global strategy

Create a comprehensive report on your global strategy

Assignment: LASA-Global Strategy Analysis

In order to design the strategy to be used for the international/global operations, a company needs to have clear mission and vision, as well as to define its market positioning. Assessment of the external environment allows one to identify strategic thrusts, financial targets, sources of competitive advantage, etc.

An internal environment analysis will identify if necessary resources and capabilities of the company are in alignment with the opportunities and threats identified from the external environment assessment. Together, these analyses will provide a complete picture of what strategies should be considered for a successful operation in the international markets of choice.


For this assignment, you are to create a comprehensive report on your global strategy analysis that you began in the weekly assignment of Module 2 and add in a section that discusses possible strategic alternatives to be implemented for your company’s international operations. Scholarly sources should be consulted and included in the justification of your strategic choices.

Use the reports produced during the course to support your strategy.

In a 12-15-page report:

1. Propose a strategy for internationalization/globalization of operations

Mission, vision
Strategic thrusts – Diversifying, acquiring, and/or restructuring
Choice(s) of multinational strategies
Corporate social responsibility model
Governance mechanisms
Sources of competitive advantage
Building organizational capabilities
Financing operations
Use of technology
2. Based on all information collected in your global strategy analysis, prepare an executive summary, with a brief although comprehensive overview of your chosen company and the international/global strategy development process, highlighting the main points developed by you along the assignments and LASAs.

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