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Bulleted list of significant vocabulary words

Bulleted list of significant vocabulary words

Bulleted list of significant vocabulary words

1. Write a precis (brief synopsis no more than ½ page, single spaced) of the article. Include the title and author of the article in the body of the precis. Also state the essay’s original copyright and the magazine, journal, or book where essay was first published (if applicable). Underline or italicize titles or magazines and journals.)

2. Provide a bulleted list of significant vocabulary words (with definitions) encountered in the article. Must include the definition of each word in context. 5-6 words…

3. State the tone of the article in one, two, or three words. Use only the words on from list (see file ToneSyntaxStyle-Handout attached) Use the word most specific to the overall tone of the article.

4. List 2 examples of rhetorical strategies which you find in the article along with the phrase or sentence in which the strategy occurs. Cite page number in parenthetical documentation.


Angels wings for wives’ conversations (238)

Skillet for aircraft carrier (183)

5. List three discussion questions about the article. Include the page or paragraph number where support for an answer is found in the text.

a) Factual Questions: has only one correct answer that can be supported by evidence from the text. Asks you to recall something that the author has written

b) Interpretive Questions: does not have just one answer. “correct answers” are any answers that can be supported with evidence from the text. The best interpretive questions are those that generate the most engaging discussion are those with several different correct answers supportable by specific reference to the text.

c) Speculative Questions: does not invite a response with a predetermined answer. The answers to these questions are often opinions, hypothesis, imaginings or ideas, e.g. What would you do if…?

6. Include an interesting, memorable, or provocative quotation from the article and be prepared to read an interesting passage aloud to the class. Include a page or paragraph number in proper in-body citation format.

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