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Annotated Reading|English – Article writing

Annotated Reading|English – Article writing

Annotated Reading|English – Article writing

Directions: These are the instructions for the annotated reading. Follow and complete the steps below.

Step 1: Find article

1. Choose one article in “Technology”. To narrow your search.

2. Choose a topic and type in a key word search (for example: “small businesses and technology” or “marketing strategies for a successful company”).

3. Each text (Book) you choose should be a minimum of 1,000 words.

4. They must be complete texts, not abstracts, summaries, or reviews.

Step 2: Annotate your article

Annotate the chosen reading in all of the ways listed here:

1. Complete a descriptive outline in the margins.

2. Identify the writer’s research question, thesis, and/or main argument.

3. Identify key words that might direct you to the writer’s intended audience.

4. Identify different types of evidence the writer uses to support the thesis. This is a list of different types of evidence that could be used (i.e., not all writers use all of these types):

a. Examples such as stories or scenarios.

b. Facts, numbers, statistics, graphs, charts, tables, etc.

c. Firsthand accounts through primary research like interviews, letters, or diaries.

d. Images such as photographs or info-graphs.

5. Circle unfamiliar words, phrases, and concepts AND define those terms.

6. Highlight or underline key words and key phrases you find important.

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