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Analysis of the implementation status student

Analysis of the implementation status student

Analysis of the implementation status student

Students and Student Services (6 pages Total) Case study of El Centro Community College

It should include two parts. The first part (theory) will contain your brief summary/synthesis of a faculty based on your module readings, including the following information (2 – 3 pages):

Student characteristics – gender, ethnicity, SES (Socio-Economic Status), first-generation students, traditional/non-traditional students, LEP, etc.
Issues related to community college students – i.e. access, under-preparedness, low retention and completion rates, etc.
Student services offered
Importance/Need of student services
Issues related to student services
You should include citations in text from your textbook and from at least two journal articles from your module readings and add the list of journals cited in References.

The second part of the paper (practice) will be the description/analysis of the implementation status student services at the community college of your choice, including following information (2 – 3 pages):

Who they are in terms of gender, ethnicity, first-generation students, age, SES, LEP, etc.
Access, College readiness, Academic performance, Retention, and Graduation
What kind of student support services are offered
Strengths and weaknesses of student services at your community college
Your suggestions for improvement
In working with the second part (practice), you will gather information by searching official website, documents review, and/or e-mail/phone interview with a person who is in charge of/involved in the are at your community college.

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