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Analyse the communication structure and processes evident

Analyse the communication structure and processes evident

Analyse the communication structure and processes evident

While your essay should follow conventional academic essay structure and style conventions, you must cover the two parts and produce one cohesive essay.

Part 1

Using an organisation of your choice, analyse the communication structure and processes evident in terms of the classical communication theories presented in this unit. Keep in mind, there may be elements of more than one theory evident.

· You can choose to analyse the communication structure of:-

· a sporting organisation

· a voluntary organisation

· your workplace

· or another type of organisation (you must get clearance from your tutor).

Part 2

Analyse the decision-making processes evident within your organisation of choice in terms of the theoretical approaches covered in this unit.

You may use the textbook and other set readings but as this is a third year unit, we would expect to see at significant independent research to support your ideas. You must find at least ten refereed journal articles that are relevant to this essay. In order to find appropriate sources, students will engage in library and on-line searches for REFEREED journal articles, evaluate the standing of journals, identify the author’s argument and compare it with the arguments of other authors in their research.

Assessment Item 2: Criteria for Marking and Final Grading

High Distinction
Awarded for meticulous work, which displays a high level of ability to
investigate the technical possibilities of ORGANISATIONAL COMMUNICATION and a sophisticated awareness of the literature on the Topic

The criteria for this subject are sketched below:

Item Name: Short Essay: Decision Making Processes
Word Count: 1500 words

Clarity – Clear line of inquiry / ability to place the discussion into a real life context
Proof reading – spelling, grammar, clarity, sentence structure
Level of critical engagement with subject
Overall Structure & Presentation – Essay format / structure / length
Research – Incorporation of other researcher’s ideas / Relevance of research and reference selection
Referencing – In-text referencing & reference list / Correct formatting applied

Appropriateness of organisation – sporting, voluntary or own workplace
Quality of content – Parameters of the organization are defined
Quality of content – Analysis of organisation communication structure & processes
Reference to classical communication theories

Decision Making Processes
Quality of content – Analysis of decision making process within the organisation
Reference to theoretical approaches covered in this unit

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